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Positive Leadership Program

Thank you for your interest in the Positive Leadership for Aspiring Women Program, we are so grateful to have SOLD OUT for 2015. Due to popular demand, this award-winning program is still being offered in house across leading Australian companies. We have limited availability but if you’d like to book a talk or workshop and have Megan or Michelle bring this program to your people, please get in touch below.


Coming soon!

In early 2016 we will be launching this program online. This will allow us to access and serve the needs of women all over the world. Please register your interest below so you can be the first to know when this program is available!

In the meantime, below you will find a wonderful collection of free research and resources ready for you to access right now.

FREE Resources


Thrive: How to Live & Lead Better Live Webinar

Are you hoping this will finally be the year when your work and your life flow seamlessly? When you have a job you love and feel truly valued and appreciated? When you have the energy and good health you’ve been craving? Having struggled to make this hope a reality for more years than we’d care to count, we’ll share with you:

  • Why when we finally stopped striving we were given better opportunities, paid more money and given the flexibility we longed for in our careers… even whilst being worried we’d be discovered as imposters.
  • How after decades of bad eating, minimal exercise and insomnia we found the motivation to eat, move and sleep better… even when we felt exhausted.
  • What we’ve done to set clear boundaries that protect our personal lives so we can have the energy and presence to enjoy our friends and family … even after we’ve had an emotional meltdown.

Thrive: How To Lead & Live Better Podcast Series

Hear first hand what the world’s leading researchers have discovered helping women to lead and live better. Created proudly in partnership with Women’s Agenda, hear from Professor Carol Dweck, Tom Rath, Katty Kay and Megan Dalla-Camina to find practical, tested ways to give yourself the best chance of flourishing consistently in work and life:

  • Discover the confidence gap that is holding women back and the simple steps you can use to lead authentically.
  • Uncover your unique talents and the easy way to use them every day at work – no matter what your job is.
  • Find out the three factors most women completely overlook when it comes to giving themselves the best chance of consistently flourishing.

Unleashing the Butterfly Effect White Paper

Get our ground-breaking roadmap to unleash the butterfly effect for women, leadership and work:

  • Stop dancing backwards in your heels and finally have the confidence (and evidence) to embrace your authentic feminine traits and honour their bottom-line-value.
  • Discover how you can immediately move from functioning to flourishing in tested, practical steps without needing to lean in like a man.
  • See why current diversity approaches are failing and learn what it will take to finally create workplaces in which people – regardless of their gender – can truly flourish.

The Australian Pulse of Women In Leadership Survey

Get your hands on our ground-breaking research we conducted of 1,000 full-time Australian employees – half men and half women from metropolitan and rural areas aged 18 – 65 years.

  • Discover why men and women believe feminine traits are essential for the success of Australian businesses.
  • Uncover the three biggest obstacles women say are holding them back from leadership roles and their real thoughts on quotas.
  • Understand why male misperceptions continue to hold women back.

The Latest Media Coverage

Discover the latest media coverage as conversations on gender intelligence and the need for positive leadership unfolds.